About Us

Goalie Coaches is a community. We are a community of Goalies and Goalie Coaches committed to delivering a training experience unlike any other. 

With that same thing being said, 99% of the content we produce is completely free. And it always will be. Just like 99/100 goalies only work on their game during practice.

Our 1% is the hidden content, the training guides, the after-hours workouts, studying the game, that stuff. It's for goaltenders at any level who are determined to get to the next. 

We want to serve goaltenders everywhere. With an understanding that you may only get on the ice 60-90 times during the entire year, our paid subscriptions are designed to fill that void. Whether you're studying our NHL Goal Analysis videos inside The Vault, or training off-ice with one of our Monthly Training Guides, these subscription-based products are designed for the 1% of goaltenders who go above any beyond any other. 

If that's you, we'll see you inside.