The Vault, A Drills + Off Ice Training App for Goalies

Goalies (and their parents) spend thousands on gear throughout the course of their career. When it comes to a close, most ask themselves what they could've done differently. We built a training app (that's more like a University for Goalies) to dramatically change the way we develop elite goalies that perform, night in and night out. 

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Elite Off Ice

This is a customized, off ice training program for High School, Junior, and our College / Pro goalies who do not have access to a 1-1 strength coach. Goalies inside the Elite Off Ice Program get a customized, pro level off ice training program updated each month of the year. 

*all workouts delivered in app with video demos

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The All Access Program

Goalies inside The All Access Program get direct 1-1 access to our team. 

This is a program for serious goalies looking to maximize their performance on the ice immediately, while prioritizing their complete development. 

This program is limited (due to it's 1-1 nature) to a select number of available slots. 

(CLOSED Currently Full)

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